***We are developing the 2019-20 uniform now and will update this page once we have made final selections.***

Uniform 2018-19

Our uniforms are chosen to give our students a unique, elegant, and distinctive look.  Brands, colors, and materials are specific and required.  Students who do not wear the uniform exactly as specified will not be allowed to take class.  We do not sell dancewear -- you are responsible for purchasing all items.


Dancewear is available online and in person at Footlights.  
Please use studio code: BC10 to receive 10% off your purchase.


Pre-Primary, Primary

Wear Moi 'Coralie' leotard, white
Mondor dance socks, white
Canvas split-sole ballet shoes, white
Wear Moi 'Kora' or ‘Daphne’ skirt, white
***Skirt is optional for class, required for performances***


Level 1, Junior Elite, Elite A, Elite B

Wear Moi 'Mabel' leotard, white
Pink tights
Canvas split-sole ballet shoes, pink
Pointe shoes as needed, pink
Wear Moi 'Kora' or ‘Daphne’ skirt, white (for pointe and/or performances)

Dancers of color may wear flesh tone tights and shoes.

Elite B Only
Chacott Classical Tutu and Romantic Tutu in off-white (for rehearsals and some performances)


Age 3-6

Wear Moi 'Haxo' shirt, white
Wear Moi 'Odeon' shorts, grey
Wear Moi full seat dancebelt
Mondor dance socks, white
Canvas split-sole ballet shoes, white


Age 7 and above

Wear Moi 'Altan' leotard, white (Age 7-10)
Wear Moi 'Ivan' leotard, white (Age 11 and above)
Wear Moi men's footless tights in grey, to be worn pulled all the way up with the elastic waistband rolled down to the waist
Mondor or Bal-Togs dance socks, white
Canvas split-sole ballet shoes, white


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