Tuition 2018-19

Tuition is calculated annually, divided into nine equal installments for convenience.  There is a discount for accounts paid in full at the beginning of the year, as specified below.


11.75 hours per week, $5,400.00 per year

payment options:

Nine payments:  $600.00 each - due monthly September 1 - May 1  or

One payment:  $5,200.00 - due Sept. 1

Additional Information

  • The first tuition installment is required upon enrollment to hold the student's place.  The second installment will then be charged on October 1.
  • Annual registration fee:  $35 per child, or $50 total for families with two or more children enrolled.
  • Audition fee:  $25
  • Monthly tuition payment is by automatic debit only.  Full year payments or other fees can be made via check or credit/debit card.  Cash is not accepted.