This list of policies is not exhaustive; complete copies of the Ballet Conservatoire XIV Policy Handbook are available in the waiting room or via email.

Rules of Conduct
Be kind to, and respectful of, fellow Ballet Conservatoire XIV students and parents.  Please be welcoming to all new students and parents.

All students and parents accepted to Ballet Conservatoire XIV must act as positive role models to each other.  Malicious gossip, bullying, and “diva” or “stage parent” behavior are not permitted.

Ballet Conservatoire XIV faculty are experts in their field and must be respected as such.  

Students must attend all classes assigned to their level.  Students may take additional classes at a level below theirs at no additional charge, and may take this opportunity to make up missed classes.  Students may not attend other dance schools or study with teachers other than Ballet Conservatoire XIV faculty.

Ballet Conservatoire XIV follows HCPS for ALL weather-related closings.  There are no extra make-up classes scheduled for these force majeure closings.

Lower and Middle School Students:  please arrive 15-30 minutes before your class begins.
Upper School Students:  please arrive 30 minutes (20 minutes minimum) before your class begins to allow time to change and warm up. 

Students will not be permitted to enter the studio once the class has started; there are absolutely no exceptions to this rule. When a class ends, students must be picked up immediately.

For Upper School students, attendance at the Classical Ballet & The Art of Technique Summer Intensive is mandatory.

Tuition and Scholarships
Enrollment is a 39-week commitment.  There are no refunds.  Tuition must be paid on the first day of the month in which it is due. A $50 fee will be applied to late payments.

Scholarships are very rarely awarded and are merit based.

Students must adhere to the Ballet Conservatoire XIV dress code.  There are no alternate versions or approximations of the chosen uniform.  All leotards, tights, and shoes are specific to each level and must be worn in the exact colors, styles, and brands specified.    

Girls’ hair must be worn in a bun with absolutely no bangs.  The bun placement is specific and includes a fine hair net, pinned securely for a professional, slick look.

Boys’ hair must be groomed and worn off the face.  Bandannas are not permitted.  

Jewelry, fingernail polish, false nails, and French manicures are not permitted.

Studio Etiquette
Do not distract faculty members between classes.  For dance-related questions, please request an appointment for an in-person consultation.  For all other questions, please send an email to Info@ConservatoireXIV.com.

For the safety of students with food allergies, food products are not allowed to be consumed on the premises of Ballet Conservatoire XIV.  Bottled water is available, and students may bring their own water bottles.

Students and parents may not enter the school without a faculty member present.

Street shoes, as well as any dark-soled shoes, are not permitted in the studio.

Ballet Conservatoire XIV reserves the right to remove from classes any student whose behavior or lack of consistency impedes their progress or that of the class in general.  

Individual Lessons
One-on-one coaching is available to all students, subject to studio and faculty availability.