All dancers age 7/Level 1A and above must take a placement class to be admitted.

For children aged 2½ to 6, no placement class is required. 

For Class Descriptions, Schedule, Tuition & Uniform:

Ages 2½ to 6



ages 7 to 11

Placement class required

ages 12 & up

Placement class required

Ages 2 ½ to 6

The Lower School

Ages 7 to 16

The Middle & Upper Schools

2019 Dance Mogul Magazine Scholarship

The Dance Mogul Magazine Scholarship, presented by Ballet Conservatoire XIV, provides free tuition to an African-American ballet dancer aged 11-16 for the 2019-20 school year at Ballet Conservatoire XIV.

Class Placement FAQ


What will be required at the placement class?
You may take one of our regular classes (no charge) or be evaluated privately ($35).  Private evaluations last 20-30 minutes.  Dancers are placed according to their ability.  

What should I wear to the placement class?
Girls should wear pink tights and a solid colored leotard. No skirts or leg warmers are allowed. Boys should wear black or gray tights, white T-shirt, thin white socks, and white shoes. 

Is there a fee?
Private evaluations are $35.  If you take one of our regular classes, there is no charge.

How old do I have to be?

  • Lower School:  age 2½ to 6.  Students must reach a minimum age of 2½ by October 1st in the year they wish to enroll.  Lower School students are not required to audition.  Simply click the "Register Online" button above.
  • Middle and Upper Schools:  age 7-18.  New students must be a high school sophomore or below in order to apply for admission.  We do not accept graduating high school seniors to the Elite level in their final year of training.  

 When will I be notified of my level placement?
Notification of class placement will be sent by email within a few days after the audition.

What is the cost of tuition?
Please go to "The School" above, select the program you are interested in, and click "Tuition" for details and cost per level.

There is a 2% discount for accounts paid in full at the beginning of the year, which is reflected in the "One Payment" option.
Payments can also be made in installments.  Please see the Upper School, Middle School, and Lower School Tuition pages under "The School" for details.  
All fees are nonrefundable for the entire school year, except for First Steps.
Should a student withdraw for any reason other than long-term injury or illness, tuition is still due.

What level will I be placed in?
Students will be placed by Ballet Conservatoire XIV’s artistic faculty in the appropriate level based on technique demonstrated at the audition.  Any ages listed on this site are general guidelines only.  

Can I get a scholarship or financial aid?
Scholarships are very rarely awarded and are merit based.  

Is class observation possible?
Class observation is permitted via the observation windows, provided that it does not distract the dancers.  Video and photography are absolutely not permitted during lessons.  

What does Ballet Conservatoire XIV look for in a dancer?
First and foremost, we look at each applicant as an individual. We are selective in admitting new students and renewing their enrollment from year to year.  Admission is by audition only.  Applicants must be young enough to derive the maximum benefit from their training, enjoy excellent health, and have an anatomical structure suited to the demands of classical dance.  They must also possess musical aptitude and a natural gift for movement.

Is there a dress code?
Yes.  There is a strict dress code for each level at Ballet Conservatoire XIV.  Please see the Upper School, Middle School, and Lower School "Uniform" pages for details.

Do students participate in a performance?
Participation in the spring performance is mandatory.  In addition, select students are chosen for various performance or competition opportunities and some students will have the opportunity to perform original choreography by the faculty.

May I take classes outside of Ballet Conservatoire XIV?
Students may not participate in any other studio or company whatsoever while studying at Ballet Conservatoire XIV.  Summer school and university or company audition schedules and guest performing will be recommended for each individual student by the artistic faculty.

Is private coaching available?
Private Coaching may be arranged with a faculty member.  We work to improve artistry, strength, flexibility, and rotation.  Variations and contemporary choreography in preparation for auditions or international ballet competitions are also available.  

What kinds of opportunities will I be able to participate in? 
Students will, at different ages and stages of their training, participate in the following opportunities:

ABT National Training Curriculum
Demonstration of training
College audition and résumé preparation
Master classes
Guest Performances
Ballet Competitions