Augment. Reach. Challenge.

ARC Barre Body is a revolutionary total body resistance workout offered for adults at Ballet Conservatoire XIV.




The ARC Barre Body technique was designed by BCXIV co-founder and renowned ballet coach, Donna Pidel.  In its form of artistic cross training, it seeks to utilize the natural muscular arching movement patterns of the body through natural coordination, following the way in which the body naturally flows. The technique can be used to further enhance your strength, balance and flexibility. 

ARC Barre Body training is artistically rooted. Using classical ballet technique, positions and posture as a base and as a focus while articulating the muscular movement of the extremities. A Bosu ball, balance ball, resistance bands, floor mat, hand weights, and natural body weight can be incorporated into class.

Attire: Workout clothes, non-slip yoga or barre socks


ARC Barre Body 1

This level 1 class is designed to introduce the foundations of the ARC Barre Body technique. Class includes introduction to balletic positions and posture, as well as resistance training utilizing a stability ball, resistance bands, and natural body weight. This effective total body workout enhances your strength, balance, and flexibility. 


ARC Barre Body 2

Coming soon!  This level 2 class expands upon the body’s ability to gather strength and flexibility, with a conscious motive of confidence. ARC Barre 2 furthers balletic movement knowledge and application while adding speed, plyometrics, and a greater movement range from both legs and torso. We push through challenging sequences, utilizing long resistance bands as support so that you control and challenge your body’s ARC ability! Prerequisite ARC Barre Body 1. 

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Single Class: $15

10 Class Card: $100


Meet the Creator

ARC Barre Body was designed by Donna Pidel, a ballet coach renowned in the USA for producing some of the most high profile classical and contemporary professional dancers of our time. Donna is on the Artistic board of examiners for American Ballet Theatre’s NTC. These days you will find her in the gym as well as the studio, having found a passion for weight training, resistance training, and athletics. Donna has found a correlation and realization that there is a revolutionary balance between sports and ballet-based movements, which are complimentary to each other and can be adopted by the novice, the seasoned pro-athlete or dancer.